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Designed and Crafted for the Sophisticated Adventurer

Custom-built navigation instruments, multi-purpose tools, metrology & illumination solutions, expedition mementos, and morale patches in limited editions and small runs.

About Us

At Wndsn we share your fascination for adventure rooted in science and education. We create the tools for pursuing that adventure. Tools that persist, and work when everything else fails. We design mementos for fellow explorers, celebrating those times you prevail. With our creations we strive to make your adventures more memorable, reflecting your ambitions, visions, and struggles beyond the shiny surface. We produce archival quality products by combining techniques proven over centuries with cutting edge methods and research. Designed with intent for long term value with an iconic, unique, recognizable style.

We are a small research & design shop favoring limited edition, manufactured runs. We offer monthly new products, continuously shaping and evolving our signature style. We love to share the excitement and appreciation of a childlike yet educated curiosity.


  • Hard-use, archival quality products
  • Small, collectible editions
  • Recognizable, timeless and sophisticated style

If you have questions about products or are interested in custom orders, feel free to contact us.

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