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Custom-built navigation instruments, multi-purpose tools, metrology & illumination solutions, expedition mementos, and morale patches.

About Us

Wndsn's Applied Science Lab, based in Berlin, develops and manufactures low-tech, high-utility tools and instruments with the objective of providing or enhancing "that, which can't be improvised" in low-probability, high-impact scenarios where it is most needed, yet usually unavailable or non-permissive. The resulting products are measurement, calculation, and exploration instruments informed by the motto "Ex Mensura, Scientia" -- knowledge from measurement.

Wndsn [ˈwɪndsən] provides knowledge and tools for educating and training professionals and enthusiasts in the mastery of time and space.

Ultimately, Wndsn graphical computers are thinking tools teaching to observe and make sense of the physical world.


  • Hard-use, archival quality products
  • Small, collectible editions
  • Recognizable, timeless and sophisticated style

If you have questions about products or are interested in custom orders, feel free to contact us.

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