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Reviewed by Wndsn staff, Germany.


It’s becoming colder outside and the idea of going for a run or a bike ride is starting to lose its appeal. It’s also cold and flu season (and other infectious diseases) and the proposition of working out in a poorly ventilated environment is also draining our will to grind. Workout from home it is! Here’s a list of what we grab throughout the week.


It’s tempting to make a list of one item and say, “Kettlebells. That’s it. That’s all you need.” Certainly, if there is one thing and one thing only that has the highest return on investment both with time and money, it’s a kettlebell. You don’t need much, one or two bells at different sizes, plus the Simple and Sinister book by the granddaddy of western Kettlebells Pavel Tsatsouline. And then you are good for at least a year of constant training.

Need to move up the intensity? Pavel has a library of books to take your gains to new levels.

Foam Roller

Don’t snooze on a foam roller. While most gym rats know of a foam roller and its myofascial release benefits, it also makes for a surprisingly intense workout. Pilates is known as a rehabilitation modality, but it provides critical stability and balance to athletes of all disciplines, most famously David Beckham. Run up on Youtube and search for “foam roller pilates” and you will find loads of videos. Yeah you can lift, but have you ever lain spine-down on a 36 inch foam roller and held your hands and feet in the air and tried to balance without falling over? Or get yourself into a plank with a foam roller under the tops of your feet and hike up into a full pike position, and do it smoothly? It’s tough. A core that is strong, engaged, and responsive makes all of your other athletic endeavors possible.

Of course, it does make for a fantastic active recovery tool.

TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX is pricey, we know. And you gotta get the drill out and the stud finder to attach that mount. (Does anyone actually use the door stopper?) Can’t be bothered? It can be taken outside and attached to trees or outdoor gym apparatuses. And the reason why it's on this list is because you can’t go wrong with it. It’s you versus yourself, with infinite variations on HIIT and stability training. There’s even an online training club (with kettlebell videos!) plus 300+free videos on Youtube.

Body Weight and Natural Movement

Your gains mean nothing if you can’t actually do something with your strength. And if you are trapped in your car morning and night, and then stuck at a desk during the day, your body needs to move in ways that are natural and nutritious. Whether it’s called Animal Moves or Natural Movement, incorporating movement drills that encompass how we moved long before civilization became a thing will restore balance, lubricate your facia and joints, and steer you towards reduced injury and breakdown. We use this book to guide our movements. The book is also huge, so get a few reps in with it.

Injury is always possible in any of our recommendations, so make sure you keep exquisite form. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from professionals in these disciplines, as it will only increase your mastery and development over time. And don’t forget, rest is critical to improvement and development over time. Take the time in these darker months to soothe, heal, and restore.

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