Gear we Like: Packing Cubes

Reviewed by Wndsn staff, Germany.


Explorers/travelers all over the world can be lumped into two categories: those who just stuff everything into a bag, and those who are hyper-organized. You can guess in which camp the Wndsn team falls.

As most bags, backpacks, and luggage do not come super compartmentalized like our school backpack in days of yore, thought has to be given to how we carry what we carry.

If you are old enough to remember, chances are you organized (or still organize!) your bag with a ziplock type plastic pouch. While definitely good in a pinch (or to encase an electronic in other waterproof cases) these bags quickly puncture, separate at the seams, or have the zip fail. They also get crinkly and dirty, and the shelf life of its use is rather short. Materials have come such a long way since then. The advances in plastics and nylon fabrication and processing have advanced to such a degree that the durability of those products have increased immensely.

If you are like us, and you want this hollow shell of a case/ruck/bag to mean something then efficient organization is key to life outside.

Take a look into any Wndsn bag here in Berlin, and you’ll find that it is filled with two types of organizers. One is a zippered polyurethane bag found in most art supply stores (at least in Germany), and the other is at least one bag from the product line of packing organizers from Eagle Creek.

If the items you are carrying do not require ultra protection, as in the need of a specialized dry bag or a Pelican case, then these packing cubes from Eagle Creek will provide a range of options to fit whatever travel or adventure scenario you may find yourself in.

The cubes come in three basic designs: Isolate, when sweaty things need to be kept separate from other things; Gear, a water repellent bag of hardier construction; and Reveal, simple organization that is visible and efficient.


  • Flexible options for any space requirement.
  • Many have compression for greater packing efficiency.
  • Many models have a clean/dry divider for relaxed travels.
  • Light to ultra-light materials, for less carrying weight and easy storage for when not in use.
  • Durable. One Wndsn member has used one small Pack-it Specter Compression bag on a daily basis for 5 years as a diaper bag inserted in a Goruck.
  • The Gear models are padded and have removable subcompartments, which make quick access simple and easy.


  • While the Gear series is water repellent, none are waterproof.
  • Fragile items remain vulnerable if crushing or jostling is an issue.


If you are tired of hunting through a bag haphazardly and largely having to empty said bag before finding the item you are looking for, these products are the answer to your needs. If you are already well organized, the light weight, durable materials will mean that you only have to make a single purchase for years of organized living.

Pro tip: Many smaller cubes make for better organization than fewer larger ones.


  • Manufacturer: Eagle Creek
  • Manufacturer's Website: Eagle Creek
  • Price: $14-$65
  • Weight: 64g-290g
  • Size: Range of sizes.
  • Material: Three basic types - antimicrobial 50D HT Diamond Ripstop Poly, recycled 300D Embossed Poly Micro-Weave/Recycled Double-Diamond Poly Mesh, and 100% recycled 900D Poly Twill
  • Package includes: Just the bag.

Photo shown, old school Eagle Creek Pack-it Specter Cube, Pack-It Original Cube XS, and Pack-It Original Cube S.

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