Gear we Like: The Cyclone Stick

Review by: LJ
Country: FR


When looking for something travel-friendly and especially something that you can carry in Europe, it is easy to go toward a Kubaton. But the fact it looks like a short baton does not help and can create questions. At some point in my research I found the Cyclone Stick by Barry Jones. Which is a Kubaton -- and much more as I will explain below.

But to start, here are some words and history from the man himself:

"Many years ago I had the idea of making a completely different style of Kubaton. That idea rolled around my mind for 1-1/2 years... until I was channel-surfing the television one evening. While flipping through channel after channel, I spotted a weather forecast that floored me. There was a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico. On the screen was a spinning, S-shaped symbol. That symbol is used to designate tropical storms, hurricanes, and Cyclones. I knew immediately that this would be perfect for my Kubaton."


There is a lot of strength here. It is so curvy and soft in hand and the design is gorgeous. It is built like a tank. It can be used as a control device or pressure tool holding it in a forward hammer grip.

It can be used as a Kubaton also in hammer grip or reverse grip.

It has the same curve as a fruit knife so you can use it as a trainer or a non-lethal "reverse edge" device.

Therefore, recently, as a Libre Fighting practitioner, training and learning with other groups, it has been put in a bright light that this tool is perfect to be used with the less lethal form called Temperentia. It looks like an Ocarina (Ocarina of Thwack as @grafknives called it).

It looks like and can be used as a real massage tool (similar to what you can find at a physiotherapist) due to its shape and ergonomics. It is absolutely not looking or feeling tactical and therefore it makes the perfect travel companion. Always with me wherever I go.

So... yeah... I really dig it and it is beating all other Kubo/tools that I own.


I possibly do not see any limitations concerning what it has been made for. I think the original role has been largely extended further with everything listed prior.


Simple: The Cyclone Stick is an amazing tool. Aside from everything already explained, you can fidget it and this is also a great conversation starter. It also comes in different flavors.

And to finish this little review, let me introduce you to 2 others fantastic tools from Barry.

The Shroom, that looks like a Micarta mushroom, for impact. It also comes in different sizes and materials. The second tool on the pic is the Lowkey. Well, it looks like a key but a bit more grumpy. Also if you follow him, you will find other amazing stuff for impact, self defense and more.

Thanks for reading!


  • Manufacturer: @pbj_handmade_knives
  • Designer: Barry Jones
  • Price: $40 - $250
  • Weight: around 35g
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Thickness: 17 mm to 20 mm depending on material
  • Material: Micarta/G10/Titanium

To get one in Europe, please DM @0N0S3NDAI. Official reseller for the EU.

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