Special Quarantine Offer

Quarantined? Under lockdown? What better opportunity to learn a new skill?

Our Telemeter (in black or in white) is the ideal teaching and thinking tool for the whole family -- or quarantined group of people. The 240 page manual explains history, background, the math, as well as providing simple beginners tutorials and advanced graphical trigonometry exercises. The standard Telemeter comes with a digital edition of the manual, or you can buy the hardcopy (in English or German) in our store. For larger groups of people, there is a double-sized instructor's Telemeter with large figures and extra-fine scales.

To help you get going, here is our offer (valid until end of April): For any two bundled products from our Telemeter lineup (including the brass tools), you get an automated discount of 10% (calculated upon checkout).

Our webstore stays open through coronavirus, COVID-19, and lockdowns; until either the post stops working or we get infected. Good luck to all of you and us.