Wndsn and the Global South: Instrument Needs Across Hemispheres

Answering the question whether Wndsn instruments and manuals are suitable for the southern hemisphere. Yes, they are.

Our instruments manual is written from a general northern hemisphere perspective. That said, we took great care to make it as universal as possible, by for example using the terms December and June Solstice instead of the hemisphere-specific winter and summer solstice respectively. Also, the formulas presented all work the same way on the southern hemisphere (east is still east, you just observe it from the opposite side after all).

Here is how our instruments are used across the hemispheres:

  • The moon clock is a universal instrument due to it being transparent, for the northern hemisphere it is used frontside up, for the southern hemisphere it is flipped over and used from the backside.
  • A regular Quadrant Telemeter is a truly universal instrument and works just as well from any point on the globe, northern or southern hemisphere.
  • As for latitude-based quadrants, we do make them for either hemisphere and there, the calendarium will be mirrored to facilitate visualization.

Our instruments are designed to be as universal as possible, and can be used effectively in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Whether you are tracking the movements of the moon, calculating the stars, or measuring distances, our instruments have you covered. You can use our instruments with confidence, no matter where you are located on the globe.

(The picture shows a latitude-specific quadrant calculated for a latitude of 32° South.)