Wndsn Quadrant Telemeters: Official Manual (GQT2)

Wndsn Quadrant Telemeters: Official Manual (GQT2)

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[Out of print. Please see the third, greatly expanded edition of the Telemeter manual (including the Quadrant backside) and the addendum on time and date.]

Description and use of the Quadrant Telemeter. Second, expanded and revised edition.

Discover the capabilities of the instrument with the techniques described in this manual. Contains the fundamental concepts, as well as more advanced tutorials, formulas, and reference tables.

The Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter is a simple observational tool for measuring angles via various inputs combined with a number of means to directly process the acquired values. This instrument is equally useful in altimetry, surveying, etc., for taking altitudes, and determining right-angled triangles. This manual is about the theory and practice of the instrument.

This detailed manual for our Quadrant Telemeters gives you in-depth intel on the science and historical background underpinning our navigation tools. We introduce the contemporary metrological science and ancient navigational history which influenced the low-tech design. For people new to our Telemeters, this book serves as a handy guide on how to get started. For the more experienced, the advanced tutorials will challenge your knowledge and help you push the boundaries of what your Telemeter can do.

  1. Wndsn Quadrant Telemeters - Graphical Telemetry Computers: Official Manual

The manual provides background science and history, set up instructions, reference materials, and advanced tutorials on the following topics:

  • Quadrant and Inclinometer Operation
  • Measuring the Depth of a Well
  • Determining Local Latitude
  • Shadow Square Operation
  • Finding Tangent
  • Measuring from an Elevation
  • Measuring an Elevated Object
  • Finding Sine and Cosine
  • Sun Sighting
  • Using the Obliquity Arc
  • Extending the Scales
  • Measuring Latitude for Celestial Navigation
  • Powers of 10 and Scale Jumps
  • Measuring Angular Size
  • Measuring Size Instead of Distance
  • Resection: Triangulation, Trilateration, Triangulateration
  • Resection Error Margins
  • Small-Angle Calculations
  • Accuracy Estimations
  • Calibrating Device Resolution


  • 172 pages, full color
  • 54 pictures, 16 tables
  • Perfect bound
  • 7.75" x 4.75" (19 x 12 cm)

[Note: As a result of inaccuracies in digital printing, there are color deviations on two pages. While unfortunate, these deviations do not impair legibility nor function and shall be the mark of rarity of the first print run.]