Wndsn Polaris Challenge Coin

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The first Wndsn challenge coin is a reminder of the combined spirit of science and adventure, to explore and conquer armed with knowledge and skill as well as the discipline to persist and to ultimately prevail.


The maxim "pursue, persist, prevail" reflects the attitude to bring to our challenges, big and small. However grand the adventure, we identify and pursue our goal single-mindedly, hunting down our desired and determined outcome. We persist with focus and drive overcoming setbacks and complications as they arise until we reach our goal or destination. Be that scaling a mountain peak, mastering a new skill, making that discovery, or the joy and excitement we create for ourselves or our loved ones. Thus we prevail, celebrating and delighting in those moments of success and achievement, shaping our journey henceforth.


Visualizing the Wndsn Expedition Team mission objectives; "observe, evaluate, control," the design prominently features observation of ursae minoris, the little dipper, with Polaris, the north star to be found at the far end of the handle of the ladle. By sighting alongside a quadrant, we are able to evaluate and hence determine our latitude through the angle measured; 30° North. Finally, the steering wheel symbolizes control; navigating towards the destination after charting the course.


  • Diameter: 1.5" (38 mm)
  • Material: Zinc alloy with antique finish