Wndsn Eclipse Challenge Coin

Wndsn Eclipse Challenge Coin

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The second Wndsn challenge coin is another reminder of the combined spirit of science and adventure, to explore time and conquer space with proven methods that survived millenia of trial and testing.


On the front side of the coin is the Wndsn metrology motto: “ex mensura, scientia” or “knowledge from measurement” and a graphical representation of a lunar eclipse that utilizes the old alchemical symbol for verdigris and, later, the astronomical symbol for the Earth. A few adornments form a riddle to be decoded or divulged at a later date.


The back side of the coin is divided into four quadrants featuring a shadow square, standing for solving problems of space, a set of equal hour lines, standing for determining time, and the sine quadrant as the most elegant of mathematical instruments. In the fourth quadrant resides the Wndsn maker’s mark.


  • Diameter: 1.5" (38 mm)
  • Material: Brass or copper
  • Finish: Clear coated or raw

[Note: the raw copper and brass versions are untreated, uncoated, and unplated and will oxidize and patina over time for a unique aesthetic. The raw coins may even arrive with the oxidization process already started. Choose coated for that pristine look.]