Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter

Wndsn Shot-Grouping-to-Moa Converter

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From shot groupings to moa in one piece-of string operation with the Wndsn MOA Converter. A tool for training and practice, the Wndsn MOA Converter enables you to take out the guess work of calculating shot grouping MOA, eliminating mental calculation errors. Simply input the shot grouping and the range distance and read the resulting MOA, all by aligning the provided string across the scales. Made in Germany.

  1. Double-sided Wndsn MOA Converter, plastic card (x1)
  2. Dyneema string, 0.6 mm black, pre-configured in the required length
  3. Instructions sheet
  4. Custom-made carton sleeve
  5. Wndsn Truchet Tile Morale Patch, black & white & turquoise

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[Note: Due to the manual production process, slight variations in finish can occur.]


  • 3.4" x 2.2" (8.5 x 5.5 cm)
  • Turquoise & white
  • 1 mm PVC stock, 4/4C printed & laminated
  • Double-side; scales on front and back side