Perpetual Explorer 2x3 Color Leather Patch (Exclusive One-Offs)

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Eight colors, eight one-offs, what you see is what you get. It doesn't get any more exclusive. Enjoy!

Between sea and mountain tops, islands and shores, night and day, we continuously explore and overcome natural challenges, navigating using landmarks and Polaris alone. Looking up, we're striving to see the surf above us, icy summits, or the stars. Conversely, looking down, if there is no valley nor water, we need to go on, never ceasing to explore. The patch depicts a range of icy mountain tops, engulfed in perfect Fibonacci-spiraling ocean waves, overseen by the North Star in the clear night sky. Turn clockwise by 90° for the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea version showing the depth and mystery of the oceans.

[Produced by the company that is making the leather patches for your favorite ruck.]


  • 3" x 2" (7.5 cm x 5 cm)
  • Dyed full grain leather
  • Black nylon thread
  • Black hook backing