Wndsn Contemporary Explorer 2C Patch

Wndsn Contemporary Explorer 2C Patch

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Visualizing the Wndsn Expedition Team mission objectives; observe, evaluate, control; the patch features the ubiquitous tools that contemporary explorers are using. Observation is symbolized by binoculars. Evaluation of results takes place using the electronic calculator. Finally, the handheld steering device symbolizes control; navigating towards the destination after charting the course. The black and white is what you get when the lights go out; it's low tech all the way, no colors, just reflecting environmental light and we still find our target. Drone pilots' favorite.


  • Diameter: 2" (5 cm)
  • White on black
  • Fully embroidered, rayon thread on nylon base
  • Black hook backing with cover
  • Merrow edge