Wndsn High Frequency Explorer Flag

Wndsn High Frequency Explorer Flag

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How far, fast, high, deep, out, in, you name it, did you go? Bring a flag next time as a memento. The flag displays the Wndsn High Frequency Research fields. Almost everything that makes our society and economy work is based on a combination of a limited number of fragile technologies. Research has repeatedly shown the crucially weak points of potential failure and catastrophic results when exploited. The project is about researching these and related fields and finding and developing ways to secure and harden systems and assets against exploitation through known, identified as well as obscure security holes and combinations or cascades thereof plus ensuring correct equipment operation.

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[Note: Simple Industrial quality.]


  • 9.5" x 8" (23.5 x 20 cm)
  • Full-color print
  • Two layers of synthetic blackout (non-translucent) glossy outdoor flag fabric with metal grommets
  • Double sided