How to get involved in Wndsnworld

After trigonometry and astronomy, community is the third crucial aspect in the success of Wndsn.  There are many ways to become involved with the Wndsn Expedition Team, whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, an expert at math or just getting started understanding the mathematical world around you. You are encouraged to join wherever you are on the path.


We have a Telegram Community Chat to share notes on Telemeter use and adventures. This is an all-levels chat, where you can ask for help if you are brand new, troubleshoot your use of the equipment if you are not, and share tips if you are advanced. It is not just Telemeter and Quadrant related, however! The Community regularly discusses favorite gear, their camping rigs, seasonal planting tips, favorite pens, and best practices for outdoor adventures. The Telegram Community Chat members also regularly test and expand the knowledge base behind the Wndsn distance calculators.  The Chat is definitely the place if you want the most up-to-date, real-time  information regarding new releases. Prove you aren’t a bot in our Lobby and join the fun!


The second fastest place for new products, educational information, and documenting community adventures is the Wndsn Newsletter. The newsletter goes out monthly, with occasional single topic updates that are time-critical.

For Newcomers:

Brand new to Wndsn products or trigonometry and the world of graphical calculation?

Step 1: Sign up for our Telemeter 101 email course, available  in English and German.

Step 2: Join the Telegram Chat, where you have instant access to experienced users who are invested in helping you get started and feel confident.

Step 3: Buy the Book. All of the knowledge is there at your fingertips.

Step 4: Bookmark the Start Guides for easy access to information on the go. (Coming SOON!)

Step 5: Bookmark Tycho, web based calculator designed to help you double-check your calculations when you are learning or to provide a second layer of confidence when out in the field.

In development is a youtube channel and a series of webinar to help the newcomer become acquainted with the materials. 


We love to see what you are doing out in the Wild. Please share pictures of your Wndsn gear or Wndsn-supported adventures via hashtag #wndsnworld and #wndsnexpeditionteam. Tag us at @wndsnworld and @wndsn_xpd if you are posting on Instagram.

Private Sharing: If you prefer to not share your pictures, stories, or after action reports publicly, please feel comfortable sharing with us privately. Your confidentiality is assured.


If you have suggestions for new features, improvements of our instruments, or find an error, please feel free to contact us.

Wanted: Ambassadors

If you share our adventure spirit, are interested in producing exciting content and have a sizable following on any of the social media platforms, we want to hear from you!