How to get involved in Wndsnworld:




  • Social picture sharing: Share pictures of your Wndsn gear or adventures via hashtag #wndsnworld or #wndsnexpeditionteam.
  • Private sharing: If you prefer to not share your pictures or stories or after action reports publicly, feel free to share them with us privately, we keep those confidential.
  • Suggestions: If you have suggestions for new features or for improvements of our instruments, feel free to contact us.
  • Ambassadors: If you share our adventure spirit, produce exciting content, and have a sizeable following on any of the social media platforms, feel free to contact us.


  • Retail our tools and instruments: If you represent a store outside of Europe (direct sales only in Europe) and would like wholesale information, feel free to contact us.
  • For future job opportunities & connections: Check out and follow Wndsn on LinkedIn.

Thank your for your enthusiasm, it means a lot!