Operations [Updated: 2021-MAR-16]

  • Production, research & development, and order fulfilment are all working undisrupted.

Shipping [Updated: 2021-MAR-16]

  • Orders from the U.S. made after mid-January are going out via air freight again and have a current runtime of ~3 weeks.
  • Orders from the U.S. that have been made between mid-October and mid-January have shipped via ocean freight and are well on their way and due to arrive stateside within the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience.
  • Shipping to the U.S. and Europe is up and running, we currently ship twice a week.
  • We are not able to accept orders from the UK until further notice pending the resolution of "Brexit" tax and tariff disruptions. In the meantime, please use an alternative European or international address.
  • The spread of the Coronavirus and rolling mitigation and containment efforts across the world, severely affects the international postal systems. A long list of countries doesn't accept shipments at this time, and for some of those who do, the post is asking for crisis fees.
  • Please check the status page reporting the effects on shipping and delivery by Deutsche Post and DHL as well as our shipping information to see whether it affects you currently and over time.