Wndsn Maker's Mark Limited Edition Micro Patch

Wndsn Maker's Mark Limited Edition Micro Patch

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The Turquoise Wndsn one-piece maker's mark, consisting of the meteorological symbol for strong wind from the north, and the Greek letter upsilon, a heraldic representation of the first born son, itself cut like a blade, is embedded in a black square, the shadows. The dark, rich Turquoise symbolizes considerable power and the means to counter intolerance and to adapt to new ideas and environments.


  • Height: 1" (2.5 cm)
  • Turquoise on black
  • Hand-embroidered, rayon thread on nylon base
  • Black hook backing with cover
  • Lasercut edge

Collector's Note: ONLY 5 ever (!) available for sale. Absolute "unicorn".