Press Release: Announcing the WNDSN x Spartanat Coordinate Scale

BERLIN/VIENNA, 2020-10-07 - The WNDSN x SPARTANAT Coordinate Scale Telemeter is a collaboration between precision instrument maker WNDSN from Berlin and gear magazine Spartanat from Vienna.

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Differences in models

The Spartanat Coordinate Scale Telemeter is based on the Wndsn NATO Telemeter featuring a 130 MIL scale for distance measurement. The standard Telemeter measures distance in degrees (7.5°). On the Quadrant side, the Spartanat Coordinate Scale Telemeter has a map coordinate scale in addition to the quadrant scale/protractor, while the NATO Telemeter has an inclinometer with a transversal scale in addition to the quadrant scale/protractor instead of the map coordinate scale.

In summary:

  • Spartanat; Telemeter in MIL, Quadrant with map coordinate scale.
  • Wndsn; Telemeter in MIL or degrees, Quadrant with inclinometer.