Press Release: Wndsn’s Latest Book: Grimoire Quadrantis Telemetrum – Description and use of the Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter

2018-10-11, BERLIN - The latest edition of the Quadrant Telemeter manual describes the techniques to use the instrument’s capabilities. Contains the fundamental concepts, as well as advanced tutorials, formulas, and reference tables.

The latest edition of the Quadrant Telemeters manual is more than just an instructional manual; the design pays homage to medieval mathematical and astronomical books. The styling of the title as a "Grimoire" is a play on textbooks of magic with instructions on how to make spells, talismans, and the like, "Grimoire Quadrantis Telemetrum" -- Textbook of the magic of Quadrants and Telemeters. Finally; the author's name at the top; "Filiusventi" is a hint at the practice of Renaissance scientists to latinize their names; venti is wind, and filius the son. – it traces back the history of the instrument and its science from Arab navigators, to medieval mathematicians, to 19th century engineers, as well as making the connection to the modern day explorer.

This summer Wndsn released their most successful design yet, a two-sided device allowing the user to measure distances to landmarks via a variety of methods, no calculator needed. This instrument is equally useful for taking altitudes, surveying, and determining right-angled triangles. Wndsn sold hundreds of these instruments worldwide in various materials including brass and copper, from single-function conversion nomographs, over rangefinding pendants to the flagship 50+ function Quadrant Telemeter, additionally, versions for low-light operation.

The Wndsn Quadrant Telemeter is a low tech, naked-eye observational instrument for measuring angles via various inputs and sighting methods. In addition, the Quadrant Telemeter is a graphical, analog computer providing functions to directly process or convert the acquired values. The Quadrant Telemeter allows to measure angular size and compute distance, height or depth of object, slope, altitude, or elevation, it provides an inclinometer as well as scales for the computation of sine, cosine, and tangent for a given angle.

When Wndsn released such a tool as the Quadrant Telemeter, it became obvious that it would take a special kind of instruction manual to use it, and do it justice. Wndsn’s new book, the Grimoire Quadrantis Telemetrum, gives the user all the knowledge necessary to make full use of the Telemeter’s functions. Various additional reference materials have been included to provide a Rosetta stone of trigonometry, and a standalone resource for emergency or austere situations.

Wndsn Telemeters revive methods used by explorers throughout the ages, and are used in rangefinding and metrology by modern day adventurers in urban and natural environments.

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The Quadrant Telemeter manual full-color print version is only available in the Wndsn store.

A black-and-white edition is available on Amazon.

With every Telemeter purchased, there is a digital version of the full manual included. Instructional materials for Wndsn navigation tools are also available.

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Wndsn's Applied Science Lab, based in Berlin, develops and manufactures that which can't be improvised; measurement, navigation, and surveying instruments informed by the motto "Ex Mensura, Scientia" -- knowledge from measurement.

Wndsn produces archival quality products that are designed with intent by combining techniques proven over centuries; arcane science meets cutting edge contemporary methods, resulting in iconic, timeless, high-utility designs.

In addition to custom-built instruments and tools, metrology & illumination solutions, Wndsn creates expedition mementos and morale patches to celebrate cross-disciplinary exploration in the spirit of the Renaissance. Wndsn morale patches are acutely designed - no line is left to randomness, no element is mere filler. They serve as infographics, how-tos for the Wndsn tools, magic sigils, as well as functional markers.