Press Release: Introducing the Official Wndsn Telemeter Manual

2018-03-13, BERLIN - Remember Landnav? It's a perishable skill. The Wndsn Applied Science Lab provides you with the tools you need to refresh your navigation abilities. Building on the science of ancient navigators, our custom-made Telemeters are pocket-sized, high-spec scientific instruments which let you calculate distance and find your way. The Telemeter does the hard work for you - and functions in any situation, where other tech, and specifically more high tech, fails. We continue to expand our range of Telemeters to suit challenging environments, and now we release our first manual.

Our Telemeters, made in Germany, are Wndsn’s flagship product. Available in brass for durability, acrylic for optical properties, and other materials for special applications, they feature exceptional design specifications and build quality, and are designed to outlive you. In the field, they allow you to copy dimensions from the real world onto a small ruler in your hand, reading the matching distances directly from the engraved scale, to instantly calculate distance, height, altitude, or latitude. Feedback from the first generation of users included requests for more detailed background and theory explaining how the tools work. People also shared with us their tricks and techniques for advanced use.

So now we bring you the official manual. The book traces the historical background informing the design, from Arab navigators, to medieval mathematicians, to 19th century engineers, right into your pocket. Instructions help you get started and hone your basic skills. A making of section explains why we chose specific materials and design qualities for our different versions. Beyond all this, the manual uncovers ways to get the most out of your device, by understanding and hacking the metrological science behind the tech.

What if I don’t have a Telemeter yet? The manual includes nomograph scales on the back cover, providing you with a fully functional device to try out the techniques straight away! The first edition comes with clip and string to quickstart your practice.

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Wndsn XPD develops and /or manufactures custom-built navigation instruments, multi-purpose tools, metrology & illumination solutions, expedition mementos, and morale patches; applying existing empirical knowledge to develop essential tools and techniques to fully experience contemporary adventures. Wndsn XPD stands for adventure, overcoming natural and man-made challenges, promoting self-reliance and mindfulness. Our design philosophy strives to create accurate and meaningful, non-arbitrary designs inspired by Bauhaus architecture, and we are obsessive about achieving non-random, iconic, strong geometric compositions. We define a distinct visual language with a diverse vocabulary and grammar, across materials, media, and tools embracing simplicity, precision, clarity, and boldness. Intended function and materials dictate shape and form. We have exciting plans to continue developing our product lines alongside our research.